Swaying in the breeze, the world bent.

Against gold sky,  a blurred figure silhouetted.

Moved toward me with a gentle lilt,

And grew stronger as the pattern sifted.

I braced myself against the thought,

Broken promises wretched vision incited.

And offered myself in her way,

To intercept the form benighted.

As grasses brushed against my limbs,

Crept toward my eyes solid shadow adjusted,

Strong penchant gripped my heart of trust,

That her presence was not long attested.

My walking soon became a run,

In sun and light her form sparklingly ascertained.

I burst upon the mild creature,

Known scent and touch brought a joy unconstrained.

Now we hold each other gently,

Our spirits readied for the sunset expected.

And buoyed by each tender touch,

To meet the future head-on, connected.

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