Lord, my pray’r is for clarity,
So that I may speak Your words.
There is no other pow’r I need
Than to wield Your fearsome sword.
Many times I’ve gone on watching,
As defiled Your justice goes.
But, Oh Lord, my greatest longing,
Is to give defensive prose.

Of course I know that You don’t need me,
As if I offered something new.
But Your mercy has forgiven,
And Your grace my soul rescued.
This steadfastness is then the product,
And I see the battlefield.
It is ripe for Your offensive,
Ground gained through hearts You’ve sealed.

These hearts are ready for Your message,
But my delivery’s so weak.
Strengthen each word I utter,
Your Spirit through my mouth to speak.
Soften words that sound ruthless,
But never dull the fearsome truth.
Drive it home in spite of me,
Pierce hardened hearts with Your reproof.

I trust You Lord as I move forward,
Knowing You will guide me home.
Each thought and articulation,
Taken captive by Your holy tome.
Though lies and wrong may be endured,
And this world fling pain and poverty.
Take away each passing craving,
Speak eternity through me.

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