If I … (thoughts on a hypocrisy lived)

If I ever disrespected,
Or somehow neglected,
Your glorious Name or calling.

If I have broken a promise,
Or shown I’m dishonest,
Doing damage to Your reputation.

If I have spoken too harshly,
Displayed anger rashly,
And brought You into disrepute.

If I have judged unkindly,
Using Your Name idly,
Making others question Your love.

If I stood by apathetic,
So unsympathetic,
While others suffered unjustly.

If I ever denied knowing,
Your grace freely flowing,
And held back Your offer of love.

If I … If I … If I … If I …
But I have done, and why?
Will I always disgrace Your Name?

It seems to me, Glorious God,
I am naught but a fraud,
And I break each chance that You give.

To grace others in a shower,
Your love to empower,
Off’ring hope and a future to them.

Therefore I kneel here today,
For forgiveness I pray,
I’m sorry for my complete failures.

I ask, take over my actions,
Banish all distractions,
Make my words somehow echo Your hope.

Break all my arrogance and pride,
And only You to reside,
In each word and each action henceforth.


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