Blue: A Poem from Deus Vincit


A gentle ripple breaks the surface

That shines like glass under the moon

It moves on in concentricity

Continually changing shade of blue


Upon the far side of the water

Stands a mountainside cold and gray

Reflecting snow shows amongst the crags

And shadows of blue here also lay


Frailest wisps of cloud meander through

A dark blue sky of cold expanse

And shimmer with the light reflected

Off the blue liquid below entranced


All combines to pure blue monochrome

Before splitting in glad poly

This captivates the heart that is true

Compelling praise to the Almighty


Now whispers of breeze through every branch

Proclaim in blue indemnity

That pure creation, when purely loved

Breeds within men an eternity


In quiet reverence the light now vows

To reveal the grace of the One

Each sight, each breath the bluest opus

Found in the words of God’s own Son


Because, if through Him all things were made

And He makes richness from the poor

Cannot God then take the bluest heart

And re-create that soul for grandeur?

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