Life: Empty or Full


Life without God, thy name is emptiness.
You promise to make whole, but leave one broken.
You promise to grow, but leave one stunted.
You promise to straighten, but only bend.
You promise to belong, but make one lonely.
You promise to give purpose, but leave one aimless.
You promise to guide, but leave one wandering.
You promise to forgive, but hold a grudge.
You promise to accept, but always divide.
You promise to care, but only when it fills your need.
You promise to defend, but leave one vulnerable.
You promise to feed, but leave one famished.
You promise to give drink, but leave one parched.
You promise to give justice, but only disappoint.
You promise to justify, but only those who “buy-in.”
You promise to strengthen, but only weaken the will.
You promise to give knowledge, but only the fleeting kind.
You promise to beautify, but turn things gray and cold.
You promise to add flavor, but force to bland conformity.
You promise to explain, but do so in exasperation.
You promise to enrich, but leave one poorer for it.
You promise to give health, but only physically.
You promise to give fame, but only among sheep.
You promise to give glory, but only an empty shadow of it.
You promise to give wealth, but only in your inflated currency.
You promise to give power, but hollowed out and transitory.

So, go ahead …
Promise everything to me, but I am on to your lies.
Promise everything to me, but I’ve seen your promises’ emptiness.
Promise everything to me, but I know your promises’ impermanence.
Promise everything to me, but I’m certain of your promises’ worthlessness.
Promise everything to me, but I will not listen.  
I’ve received real promises, given by One who has the power to deliver …
Promises that I’ll receive peace from fear of harm if I listen to His words (Prov 1:33)
Promises that my weaknesses will give way to soaring strength (Is 40:29ff)
Promises that life’s disasters will not affect my future and hope (Jer 29:11)
Promises that my weary and burdened soul will be given rest (Mt 11:28f)
Promises that I won’t be alone in living this life, because His Spirit will be with me (Jn 14:27)
Promises that this world will hate me, but only because I’m becoming more like Him (Jn 15:18ff)
Promises that this life won’t be easy, but it will make me more resolute (Jn 16:33)
Promises that I’ll conquer everything which would attempt to separate me from His love (Rom 8:37ff)
Promises that all of my needs will be supplied out of His glorious riches (Php 4:19)
Promises that the corruption of the flesh will give way to the life of the Spirit (2 Pet 1:4)
Promises that I will be saved from the wages of my sin, through the confession of Christ as Lord (Rom 6:23; 10:9)
Promises that I won’t just receive mercy, but that I’ll receive grace (2 Cor 12:9; Eph 2:8f; Rom 5:2)
Promises that I will beat death and be raised, incorruptible, to live in His country eternally (1 Cor 15; Jn 10:27f)

Life with God, thy name is fullness.

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